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Transactional SMS

Alerts And Information SMS

Transactional SMS can be sent to SMS form when they come on any of the e-commerce websites. As an online shopping, one time SMS is provided when our bills are issued, transactional SMS statements, monthly billing statements are updated to SMS Transactional SMS. This is called transaction.

Transactional SMS is used to inform students of the School of Parents for transactional SMS customers.Transactional SMS for organizational, sending purchase confirmation alerts, ticket confirmation alerts, student information for their parents, bank OTP purpose and more SMS will be taken,

Few Basic features of Transactional SMS

  • Six character sender ID(DM-SBTSMS)
  • Service Timing – 24*7*365
  • Messages get deliver to DND numbers also
  • Works on Template basis
  • Web interface/HTTP API will be given
  • Instant Delivery and reports

Example of Transactional SMS

“Dear customer, thank you for shopping with us. Have a good day.”

Bulk SMS providers have to send an SMS to Hyderabad Transactional SMS DND numbers. Bank clients and customers. School children’s marks, transactional SMS can be used to conduct transactional SMS etc. for sending SMS student for student name, class, grade, SMS for online exchange rates. Holiday etc.You can send transaction SMS services with all your critical SMS messages with transactional SMS high priority fast delivery gateway. Some apps for template SMS are as follows.

1. School of transaction SMS
2. Stock tips and diaries through transaction SMS
3. Daily price information via transaction SMS
Voice details via transaction SMS
Transaction SMS for courier details SMS
6. Outstanding transaction SMS, courier delivery SMS transaction, etc.

Special features of the transaction SMS
A. You can send transaction SMS without transactions
B. Transaction can send SMS 24 × 7 Dnd Numbers with Sender ID
C. Fast and instant transaction SMS transactional SMS with low cost

Bulk Sms is the mobile messaging service. It helps

Bulk SMS details

EX: Go to Bulk SMS portal

Portal Open ofter go to send SMS click

Step1: Mobile numbers copy past

Step2: SMS text minimum and maximum 160 characters one SMS
Step3: next and click Send SMS
Then the SMS will go,

Bulk SMS futures details

Copy to paste of mobile numbers
Multilanguage SMS can be sent (Telugu, English, Hindi … etc)
Can also be sent by Excel & Notepad
4. There is also a dynamic SMS available.



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