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India. We offer you WhatsApp International Marketing and Marketing Service in India WhatsApp. Many WhatsApp Mind SMS, images, videos, audio service providers, we promise to connect it to your customers, just send the button!
Features of the WhatsApp online plan.Bulk WhatsApp SMS

100% delivery to WhatsApp
A username is required
Sending sent text exceeds 1500 characters
Submit 5 photos each time
VCard Delivery
Send 1 text, 5 images, and 1 VCard at a time
Image .jpg, .gif, .png
Then you have to filter the WhatsApp sending database.
Send the text WhatsApp 10:00 to 20:00.
Leave for 30 minutes, up to 3 hours minimum.
Plan the SMS function
There will be a complete interface for the client’s borders.
Help 24 hours a day, 7 days a week with the calls, SMS, and email.

With the sale of WhatsApp, we can send WhatsApp messages that are perfect for your customers. All we know about WhatsApp is very good and almost a free email tool. SMS, including MMS. Currently, the mass SMS service provider is Internet Internet Marketing Company, and WhatsApp has decided to sell sales and access local businesses rather than customers. This can be a good source of local marketing.
You can send as many unlimited messages. It can be on mobile platforms such as Nokia, Blackberry, iPhone, Android, Windows Mobile, and Symbian. This is not going to a website because enter the details and confirm the birth to use it. Check your mobile number and make it! He has more than one text. You can send the latest product or business vouchers to your customers without paying MMS fees. You can also send GPS locations to your stores. Also recommend sounds, movies, and emoji icons. So, WhatsApp can do anything you can not do with SMS and email services.

Mass SMS providers are providing new customers to your channel with WhatsApp. Coupons, promotional messages, emoticon icons, store locations or movies directly to your customer’s phone. New, good mobile marketing

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