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Schedule SMS:

Schedule SMS feature is a rarely available feature which is a boon to your business operations. Reducing time consumption and increasing the customer responsiveness, this outstanding facility let you schedule messages, send SMS alerts and reminders without actually being involved in the process.

You need not stick to your desk or employ people to forward timely messages as it can be done through the automated SMS texts with Bulk SMS Gateway’s reliable Schedule SMS services. Up to a year, you can schedule your texts in the future date and time.

It’s Easy!

With the neat online interface of Bulk SMS Gateway, the process of scheduling SMS is the simplest task you have ever done. All you need to do is –

Just decide what you want to convey and type it in. To send your message on a predefined future date, select the date and time before you choose to confirm the sending. And, that’s all!

Our servers will automatically transfer the message according to the timestamp you have set. With the Schedule SMS Solutions of Bulk SMS Gateway, users can change the schedule or cancel forward, according to their convenience.

For your urgent meetings, scheduled appointments, special events, our services are the best to use. It is advantageous to let machines tell you the things which you’re prone to forget. This way, you’ll never miss any important task again.

For the arriving special offers, sales, discount offers or your new plans, you can now easily remind your customers. Not only these, the Schedule SMS can also be used for reminding to-do task, grocery list or birthdays so that your social life stays as balanced as the business.

Bulk SMS Gateway is a well-known Schedule SMS Service provider in India due to the pocket- friendly and efficient services with no failures and delivery.


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Registering for your BulkSMS account is simple and easy and will only take a few moments. To start sending bulk SMS messages,
Its Free Registration No Hidden charges, You can use bulk sms with free credits.

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